“It’s Kind Of Crazy”

Hey Nat, let’s start with you telling us a bit about yourself…

Nat Halliday, 35. Born and bred UK southcoaster. Moved to New Zealand with my wife Julia and 2 year old son, Noah just over a year ago. Living on the South Island in a rad place called Lyttelton.

Distance skateboarding – what kind of distances are we talking about here?

I guess any distance is ‘distance skating’. A skate to work, a mile push race, marathon, county, country or continents. People are already beginning to specialize, it’s kind of crazy.

Marathon races in the US have $15,000 for first place. That’s worth training for. The current record is over 12,000km.

So, if I wanted to take up distance skating, how would I start?

Well I just started skating to work. Picked up some old krypto wheels and skated. It’s changed a bit now, but as skaters we all explore. My advice would be to get out and do a few small trips, research the roads and think about what you need to get through the trip; water, snacks, obvious stuff. Then just go and do it. Just get out and skate.

The UK has some great cycle tracks that are perfect. Bath to Bristol is a classic. There are 3 pub stops on it too!

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