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Its Just Skating

What’s the attraction – isn’t it just a ‘travel with my board’ thing?

For me it was about getting places to begin with; to the shops, work or to my mates. That has changed and now it’s a lot more about the journey itself.В I skated 2200km across New Zealand in 2008 and it was the worst of trips but also the best. A journey should be that – a journey. I met some amazing people, made some amazing memories and met my wife.

Are there any ‘rules’ to it – like ‘one foot must be on the board at all times’, haha!

Nope. It’s just skating. As it becomes more popular organisations like the IDSA will have rules around proper sanctioned events such as the Marathon races.

В How do you plan a trip?

For New Zealand I just used what was already out there for travellers. I knew the roads were going to be shit and I knew we were allowed to skate on them. Got on the plane and went. Obviously as more remote places are being skated the amount of research needed before a trip is quite extensive. But at the end of the day once you are there you only have one thing to think about and that is pushing your board. It becomes the only thing you think about. That’s part of the attraction I guess.

В What kind of preparation do you do to make sure you’re fit enough?

For New Zealand I was out skating most days in the run up to the trip.

The first 2 weeks were my real training. By the third week I was pretty much a machine. Up, eat, skate, eat, eat again and sleep. It’s pretty amazing to wake up every day and realize you only have one objective – to skate.


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