“There were some absolutely brilliant young skateboarders who took part. They all have a very bright future in the sport and maybe one day they’ll be the pros who are coming along and showing their support for the younger generation.”

The park opened in 1999 after a group of local skaters spent years saving their own money and raising funds from bring-and-buy sales. They eventually raised enough for a four-foot high half-pipe to be built.

Skateboarding at the time was less mainstream and a number of local councillors considered it ‘a risk’ to grant planning permission for the initial ramp.

But the success of the area allowed further investment and part of the adjoining field was tarmaced in the early 2000′s to allow a new quarter-pipe, fun box and flat bank to be added.

Incredibly, the skatepark has remained one of the few free to use skater-run and funded facilities in the country. It has also gained a reputation for being one of the friendliest and safest areas in the East Midlands for people of any age to go skateboarding and stands out from ubiquitous concrete facilities around the UK, almost all of which were funded by the council. Such a grassroots facility would be unlikely to be built today as local authorities are more willing to fund lavish projects without fully involving local skaters.

Joey said that Lady Bay is one of the most unique skateparks in the country because it has been developed entirely by skaters and includes a number of ramps local teenagers built themselves. “The park has had a few street oriented bits added over the years which give it a real D.I.Y. style that‘s very different to the perfect feeling of other parks in Nottinghamshire.”

“We’re raising money for a new section to the park. We have a huge amount of unused space on our tarmac, we’re not increasing the size of the park, but improving the large space we already have. Our park’s quite unique in the way that it’s very spacious – it’s hard to come across that in new parks around the country now. It’s an incredible park with a great atmosphere and we’d love to keep it that way.”

“Over the next few weeks we’ll be reviewing the plans for the new ramps until we’ve settled on something that’s right. We’ll be continuing to raise funds, too.”

Thanks again to Rick and Tom for keeping us up to speed with whats been happening in their area. If you want to hype your scene, or have an event that you’d like to cover in these hallowed pages, get involved – ahhhhh, you know what to do…


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