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“A huge twist of fate…”

You are still running Skateboard School for the kids; could you tellВ us a bit more about it?

This was a huge twist of fate all together. After our second year at the Gallery the powers thatВ be saw how popular we were becoming and decided that we were all of a sudden not artist! OurВ tenancy was not renewed, and in effect we were homeless!

However Nottingham City Council hadВ been following our antics and approached me to see if I would like to take my idea a step further,В and they offered me access to all the Cities indoor sports hall in return for setting up legitimateВ skateboard schools to get as many young folk as possible involved in physical activity, result.

This hasВ now been running for 2 years and we are proud to have opened 4 of our very own skate schools andВ now have over 300 students whom we teach on a weekly basis.

Perhaps the most impressive side-line that you guys have taken is the Skateboarding tuition actuallyВ in schools! How did this cameВ about?

I keep myself as positive as I can and believe that everything happens for a reason so it was only aВ matter of time until skateboarding was to gain its rightful place in mainstream education. We haveВ been touring schools for well over a year doing workshops and demo’s to promote nise, and haveВ recently been running after school skate sessions for some of the secondary schools in Nottingham.

This has led to massive demand, and as of September we will be delivering skateboarding in severalВ secondary schools as an alternative to conventional sports. Sort of a PE teaching exercise but insteadВ of plimsolls and gym shorts, its Chukka lows and kick flips.

I mean for me personally it is amazing toВ see something I have been doing for 17 years begin to open up different opportunities to me, but itВ also allows nise to try and sway the hoodlum youth of today from becoming plastic gangsters andВ start the process of becoming a skater, the revolution has begun!

I mean to us that’s what it is all about getting as many people involved with skateboarding as physically possible, to allow the scene to continue to grow.


[ Right: Some NISE product shown off by team riders, Richie Mann and 'Socks']


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