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trevor-johnson-nolliev-pic-hm thaynan-costa-fs-180-pic-hm ross-mcgouran-front-board-pic-hm ross-mcgouran-back-nosegrind-pic-hm rodrigo-albuquerque-overcrook-pic-hm rodolfo-ramos-hard-flip-pic-hm rodolfo-ramos-flip-krooks-pic-hm rob-smith-indy-acid-drop-pic-hm phil-zwijsen-front-5-o-pic-hm milton-martinez-nollie-bigspin-pic-hm milton-martinez-kickflip-pic-hm mike-vallely-nosegrab-wall-plant-pic-hm mike-vallely-fs-wallride-pic-hm mike-vallely-frigid-air-pic-hm mike-vallely-boneless-over-door-pic-hm leticia-bufoni-blunt-slide-pic-hm lacey-baker-fs-180-pic-hm kelvin-hoefler-fsnbs-pic-hm kelvin-hoefler-bsnbs-pic-hm jessica-florencio-back-feebs-pic-hm jed-cullen-mayday-pic-hm jake-collins-back-tail-pic-hm ewen-bower-front-lip-pic-hm esther-perussi-front-board-pic-hm

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Civic Daze

Civic Daze, Full Trailer

Plymouth has been one of our favourite scenes to cover for the magazine, with so much going on!

Civic Daze looks set to wrap that all up into a great piece of film. Check out the trailer for all the hype material and for more on the film.

Posted on January 3rd, 2012 by Alex Borton

cc thumb

Concrete Carnival Carnage

This weekend saw the Vans Concrete Carnival hit the XC at Hemel Hempstead. Yesterday was finals day and to say it went off is an understatement to say the least. Guest appearances by Rune Glifberg and Eric Dressen, along with a host of homegrown talent, shredded for their lives and a share of the massive prize fund.

Posted on December 5th, 2011 by Harvey Mills


Happy Boneless Day!

To celebrate “Boneless One” Day (GSD’s Birthday), I’ve posted up some of my favourite boneless shots from this year. Enjoy, and get boneless suckas!

Posted on December 1st, 2011 by Harvey Mills

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